Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday week 5

Well what a strange new week. I have lost a total of 13 lbs in the last month. That makes me very happy. I know it could've been more if I had been more dedicated to my exercise. I did go to last week and I felt great until 2 days later when I was hurting so freakin bad I couldn't sleep. Today I went and bought a new seat for my bike. Hopefully that will help with the butt problem I had the last time I tried to ride it. OMG the seat just about broke my ass. Last night Morehead officially flooded. Some people lost everything they had. My sister's boyfriend included. Today's been kind of a mentally challenging day. For some reason I am really tired. I think it's due to eating red meat. I've been doing that a bit more lately. I know BAD BAD BAD!! I'm back on track now. My 10 yr reunion is just around the corner. As a matter of fact it's not this Saturday but the next. Not nervous yet but I know I will be come that night or the night before. I wish I had started this journey earlier. I wanted to look impressive but I'm doing it NOW and that is whats important. I don't think anyone reads this anymore...lol. Oh well...it's for my records. One day I hope that I can look back and be like HOLY CRAP...look at what I accomplished!


Anonymous said...

i read it! maybe not every day, but i haven't forgotten your mission! :) good job on the 13 pound loss!

lcb said...

ok, not sure why that showed as anonymous. ~Larissa~

lilmissriss said...

hey! i read it! i'm so proud of you my sister...and although 13 pounds may not have been what you had in mind...it is a very healthy amount of weight to lose in a month. some would even say it's a little much. i'm crazy proud of you. I can't wait to meet the happier, healthier sister that you're striving to be. your journey encourages me...i need you to stay focused, because that helps me stay focused..especially right now when it feels like i'm starting over, and it's not even my fault :( anyway, i'm happy for you, i love you, DONT STOP GET IT GET IT GIRL!!!